What I can do for you


I have been working with some of the largest Australian and international METS companies since 2006.

Coal. Iron ore. Steel metallurgy. Nickel extraction. Gold extraction. Underground Coal Gasification. Gas To Liquids.

Green-fields geology. Core sampling. Geophysics. Scoping Studies. Feasibility Studies. Due Diligence. Detailed Engineering. Civils. Mechanical engineering. Process engineering. Commissioning. Upgrades. Modernisation. New designs.

Mines. Conveyors. Equipment. Ore handling plants. Coal processing plants. Extraction plants. Port terminals. Rail load-out. Logistics. Road tunnels. Rail tunnels. Car park construction. Machinery.

Safety. Environmental control. Ventilation. Gas and dust control. Water control. Site rehabilitation.


I know the accepted terminology and can translate the most technically challenging texts. If I don’t know something – I read, I research, I ask.

If I really don’t know something, I hire a specialist to help me.* Like you, I don’t know everything, but I usually know someone who knows a LOT about a particular area. I will ensure that your requirements are met.

*Only with my client’s express consent. Your confidentiality is paramount to me. I will never do anything to compromise it. Or your copyright. It’s all in my T&Cs and code of conduct.

Editing and reviewing

There is nothing quite like a typo on your homepage. Or a badly phrased presentation, when you are trying to land a multi-million dollar deal. Or an accidentally mistyped ISO number in a press release. A couple of transposed digits can send your clients reading about kitchen implements, instead of industrial safety.

Awkward. To say the least.

You may not have a dedicated budget for an on-staff editor. It can be difficult to find a good editor among your existing staff. I can make it easy for you.

I have been peer-reviewing texts for over 15 years. I excel at this work.

Examples of the type of work I have completed are – PhD and Honours theses, web content, business documentation, technical documents, training guides, computer game manuals, etc.

As a translator, I have learned how to read texts very thoroughly, one word at a time. I notice errors most people miss.

As a bilingual person, I have learned grammar and syntax of both English and Russian in much greater depth than most people.

As an editor, I’m pedantic, thorough and sensitive to your intended audience.

As a writer, I love the power of the right word.

As a freelancer, I’m available when you need me.

Cultural specialist

Russians may look European, but deep down, they are not. Russian business mentality is a melange of Middle Eastern and Far East Asian mindsets, with Western European veneer.

As the old saying says, “Scratch a Russian and you will find a Tatar”. Russian mentality is famously confusing and unpredictable to anyone else. Your Russian clients will act in ways or for the reasons that you may find very hard to comprehend. You may feel like you are just muddling through, trying not to offend or misunderstand.

I am Russian-born and I’ve spent half of my life in Australia. I’ve lived my entire life between two cultures. I understand both, and more importantly, I can verbalise and explain the differences between them, in a way that can be understood.

Business etiquette. Banquets. Compulsory toasts at celebrations. How to behave, what to do. How to please your client without “losing face”. How to survive Russian infamous hospitality (and still function the morning after). How to pronounce basic “polite” phrases, to smooth your way. 

Support within Russia

Imagine this situation:

You’ve arrived in Moscow to meet with a new client. They haven’t send anyone to meet you at the airport. You are effectively on your own. You can’t read a word of Russian. You hope that the hotel you booked is ok.

Outside the hotel, nobody seems to understand you. Public transport system is bewildering, peak hour traffic is insane. You don’t know whether to trust that your client’s interpreter is telling you everything. (They are good. You hope. Either way, they are still in your client’s employ).

Now imagine this:

You’ve arrived in Moscow. Someone meets you at the airport. Their English is excellent. They are friendly and helpful. They take you to your pre-booked hotel.

Your Russian-language brochures and promotional materials have been set and pre-printed in Moscow, and delivered to your hotel. You didn’t have to lug heavy boxes of paper in your cabin luggage. There is a driver to take you to the early morning meeting, safety navigating the crazy traffic.

Your guide interprets for you at the meetings and the celebratory banquet. She takes you to see the cultural sites the next day. You don’t have to take sad selfies in the Red Square. You don’t have to order lunch by “pointing and hoping”.

You fly out to a remote site in deep Siberia. There is a specialised technical interpreter who meets you at the airport. He comes with you to all meetings and to the site. He ensures that you understand the miners and your clients.

In the end of your trip, you and your bags are safely deposited at the airport. You relax on your flight home, feeling that your visit was a success.

No stress. You didn’t have to rely on your client’s hospitality, and you didn’t have to muddle through.


I maintain contacts with a wide network of professional colleagues and partners in all parts of Russia.

We are able to provide you with any professional services you may require – visa support, hotels, transport, drivers, attendant and technical interpreters, printing services. If your business in Russia develops, and you may require rented office space, promotional services and marketing and hired staff – we can help you with that as well.