Russia is a country with vast resources and talent, but her knowledge of cutting-edge engineering practices and equipment is lacking. Her mining market is booming. Her companies want new knowledge to compete. There are many opportunities for the right people.

Russian companies are also notoriously difficult to work with. The language, the culture, the bureaucracy, the government regulations. It’s all bewildering and alien to anybody outside of Russia.

You want to do work with Russian companies, but you need help.

Google Translate just doesn’t cut it. Translation agencies can take several days to translate an urgent two-line email. Your Russian partners are technically talented, but don’t communicate in English.

It’s frustrating.

You already know this and that is why you are here.

This is where I come in.

I am a facilitator. I am a translator. I am a writer, an editor and a communicator. I am a future Mechanical Engineer.

I can take the stress out of communication with your Russian partners, so you can concentrate on doing the best job you can. I can make it easy for you to present yourself in a best light possible in a culture that’s alien to you. I can help you understand your clients.

I speak Russian, English and “engineering”.

I speak your language.